Central Texas College – CIS Dept. – Cybersecurity, STEM Summer Resources

 In Central Texas

Cybersecurity Workshops

WeTeach_CS has partnered with Cyber.org to offer workshops introducing the participants to the fundamentals of Cybersecurity as well as discussing more advanced materials. Participants will gain access to the free Cybersecurity curricula by Cyber.org and be given temporary access to the EPIC Cyber Range so they may practice the hands-on components of Cybersecurity attacks. During each workshop, teachers will have the opportunity to practice cyber defense skills in an AFA CyberPatriot environment as well as their cyber offense skills in a Capture the Flag practice gymnasium!

Fundamentals of Cybersecurity (July 20-21)

Teachers new to Cybersecurity will be led through Cybersecurity concepts and lessons that are rigorous, relevant, and aligned with the TEKS for the Foundations of Cybersecurity course. Johnny Carrera from TestOut will lead a session on Networking skills including an introduction to Cisco’s Packet Tracer.

WeTeach_Cybersecurity (July 22-23)

This workshop is a continuation of Cybersecurity Fundamentals exploring more advanced Cybersecurity lessons that are rigorous, relevant, and aligned with the TEKS for the Foundations of Cybersecurity course and the TEKS for the Cybersecurity Capstone course. Participants will dig deeper into Red Team Penetration Testing and Blue Team System Hardening as well as participating in a tabletop simulation exercise from Cyber.org Cyber Society.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) Webinars

The National AI Institute for Foundations of Machine Learning (IFML) is partnering with the TACC to widen the knowledge and teaching of Machine Learning and AI in High Schools. Join us as we kick off the summer with our AI / ML webinar series! Registration and additional details for each session are below.

What is Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (June 14)

An overview and brief look at the history of AI and ML with Joydeep Biswas.

Applications of AI (June 28)

Natural Language Processing with Raymond Mooney.

AI and Society (July 8) Ethical Issues with Ken Fleischmann.

Resources for STEM and CS/IT Student Enrichment – (Many are free).

Networking and Computer Security***

  1.  Cyberpatriot: there are training modules and are in addition to the ITProTV resources. Recruitment and outreach materials for CP.

  2.  ITProTV Series on CyberPatriot :

     *   Take a look, requires registration and is free.

     *   The lessons are useful to the Cyberpatriot mentor as well as the participating students.

     *   These videos go a long way to help the students learn the basics.

  3.  CyberAces:

  4.  NSA GenCyber

  5.  TEEX cyber camp

***CS Teaching Programs and Resources (all are free)***

  1.  Exploring Computer Science (ECS) curriculum: For new CS students. The book is free and lessons are well done. Review and download the Curriculum materials. They have prof development programs for teachers and a good list of teaching resources.

  2.   CS Principles curriculum: For students with CS knowledge, who have completed a semester or a year of CS; or have worked through the ECS program. Solid resources. This program is to serve as an AP CS offering for high schools. (There are TX prof dev opportunities to learn how to teach this.)

  3.  CS4HS: Google has a program titled CS4HS, to provide workshops for new HS CS teachers. Do a Google search on “CS4HS” and you will see many programs to give you a sense of offerings.

  4.  Computer Science Teacher’s Association (CSTA): Great group, full of advice, resources and opportunities. I recommend joining their mailing lists. They have professional development programs for teachers.

  5.  Technovation Challenge: There is an excellent program for HS women called Technovation Challenge. It runs in the spring and uses App Inventor, which builds of Scratch. Sounds like your students have a foundation for this. Info here: Watch video

  6.  Girls Who Code:

  7.  Google CSSI Extension:

  8.  Google igniteCS:

  9.  Coding as a Second Language (CSL)

TACC/UT CS Workshops and Programs (program dates may change each year)

  1.  CODE @ TACC Connected, Free, JULY

  2.  CODE @TACC Cybersecurity Camp, JUNE Free

  3.  TACC STEM programs

  4.  Back at TACC : Back @ TACC is an opportunity to participate in computer science and STEM activities for CODE @ TACC alumni and for the general public. Back @ TACC events happen quarterly on Saturday mornings and feature a STEM activity, appropriate for all ages.

STEM Programs and Outreach

  1.  Connectory

  2.  Engineering Education Service Center

  3.  UT Youth Outreach & Education  

  4.  My Introduction to Engineering